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How to install the theme?

To install a theme you must have a working version of WordPress already installed. For more information regarding installing the WordPress platform, please see the WordPress Codex – http://codex.wordpress.org/Installing_WordPress
Please note that we do not give support or any questions related on how to install and maintain WordPress. For any faulty installation that may cause your website or our theme malfunction you should refer to WordPress support forum. Alternatively you can get help from your web hosting.

Via the native “Themes” section

Go to the Appearance > Themes and search for a new theme. Type in the search box the words “Atlast Business”. Find the theme, click on the “Install” button and then click the “Activate” Button and you are done.

Manually (for more advanced users)

If you want to follow this method please do the following:

  • Extract the .zip file you downloaded from the WordPress.org
  • Using an FTP software like Filezilla connect to the WordPress installation of your server or localhost.
  • Find the folder wp-content
  • Inside this folder find the themes folder and copy the folder you have extracted.
  • If everything went well go to the Admin > Appearance Settings and you will be able to activate the Atlast Business theme from the Themes interface.